Dr. Jim Watson is an Ivy-League educated certified orthodontist and craniofacial orthopedic specialist who has been proudly and enthusiastically serving patients for many years in Harris County.

Dr. Watson loves his patients, and they love him. Once you get to know Dr. Watson, you’ll want him to be your orthodontist, too!


Dr. Watson’s philosophy is making sure each and every one of his patients is satisfied with their care. To that end, he believes visiting the orthodontist should be a fun and engaging experience that educates patients at the same time.

“Why shouldn’t it be fun to visit the orthodontist?” Dr. Watson says. “Our patients are the backbone of our practice. We do everything we can to make each visit enjoyable, no matter the patient’s age.”

Indeed, Dr. Watson’s excellent chairside manner often results in the parents of children he treats becoming patients themselves. And most new patients find their way to his office by word-of-mouth.

“I’m proud of the fact that most new patients come to me by referral from other patients and from area dentists,” he says. “That tells me that we must be doing something right.”

Education and Degrees

Dr. Watson began his journey to becoming an orthodontist during his years at Brigham Young University, earning a Bachelor of Science degree. He went on to attend the prestigious Marquette University, obtaining a Doctorate in Dental Surgery (DDS) after years of hard work.

In order to improve his skills as an orthodontist, Dr. Watson spent one year in a hospital residency at The Queen’s Medical Center in Hawaii. In addition, Dr. Watson became a selectee for a highly competitive post-doctoral orthodontic specialty training program at the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine in Philadelphia. Furthermore, Dr. Watson has a license to practice in four states, including Texas, California, Illinois, and Wisconsin.


Dr. Watson’s already impressive resume´ also includes membership in many dentistry and orthodontic organizations. The American Association of Orthodontics, American Dental Association, Greater Houston Dental Society, Texas Dental Association, Southwestern Society of Orthodontists, and World Association of Orthodontics all count Dr. Watson as one of their own.

Invisalign® Provider Level

Did you know that Invisalign has a system to rank orthodontists so you can find a top-level provider of their treatment?

Invisalign is a series of clear removable aligner trays that patients wear for 22 hours every day to straighten their teeth. Each set is custom-made just for your teeth and you switch to a new set every two weeks to begin the next stage of shifting.

Orthodontists who consistently treat patients using Invisalign receive a ranking so potential patients can find a reliable and trustworthy orthodontist with experience.

Dr. Watson is one of those reliable and trustworthy orthodontists with experience treating patients with Invisalign and currently has a Silver provider level.

Community Outreach

With all the time and energy that Dr. Watson puts into treating his patients, one would think he doesn’t have much left for his community. But Dr. Watson takes pride in balancing his work with family and community needs. As the father of three children, Dr. Watson dedicates himself to spend as much time with his family as possible and making the world a better place for them and others.

That’s why Dr. Watson, who is also fluent in Spanish, spent time in Puerto Rico as a missionary for two years. It’s why Dr. Watson serves as Cub Scout Master for Boy Scout Troop #332. And it’s why he volunteers as a disc jockey at area schools and swim team events.

Dr. Watson enjoys working with and helping children so they can follow their dreams.

Patient Expectations

When patients visit Dr. Watson they can expect to be made as comfortable as possible. Dr. Watson treats all of his patients with respect and dignity and he takes time to get to know them. Seeing the orthodontist should be a positive experience and Dr. Watson brings an attitude of positivity into the office with him every day.

In addition, patients can expect Dr. Watson to use the most up-to-date technology in his practice and that he keeps up with the latest orthodontic techniques. Providing his patients with the best care possible is important to Dr. Watson.

Celebrity Patients

Dr. Watson provides orthodontic care to many patients, including some celebrities. Professional athletes and beauty pageant contestants are among them. For example, Dr. Watson treated professional NBA player Justin Jackson, who currently plays with the Sacramento Kings organization. Furthermore, Dr. Watson was instrumental in providing Miss Magnolia contestant Kylie Harsch with a winning smile.

Dr. Watson is also something of a celebrity himself, having made appearances on Discovery Channel, TLC, Nick, HGTV, and ABC Family. But you don’t have to be a celebrity to receive top-notch treatment from Dr. Watson. Not only does he treat the occasional famous face, but he also treats his ordinary patients as if they are stars, too!

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