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Creating Vibrant Smiles

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Our goal is to make sure you leave with a smile on your face!

Dr. Jim Watson, Orthodontic Specialist

Dr. Jim Watson, Orthodontic Specialist

At our office you’ll always find friendly, professional staff that will go out of there way to ensure your visit to the orthodontist is a happy one!

Dr. Watson, Orthodontist

Orthodontist, Jim Watson, DDS, PA, gives his patients something to smile about. Kids and adults love the relaxed, family-friendly atmosphere, exciting theme-based office décor and personal attention provided by the skilled staff. When patients proudly smile for the first time after their braces come off, an in-office celebration and “photo session” helps them beam from ear to ear.

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We provide many services to accentuate your incredible smile!

A great smile promotes self-confidence and helps build self-esteem. Straight teeth and a proper bite are the foundation for a beautiful, long-lasting smile. Although we like to create a fun atmosphere for our patients, we take what we do very seriously. After all, the smile you have when your treatment is finished will be with you for the rest of your life.
The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that all children have an evaluation at age seven. Many major orthodontic problems can be avoided or minimized with early intervention.
We have a special new whitening technique that whitens teeth right underneath the braces! Whitening during tooth movement also works great for our Invisalign™ patients. You can also get selective tooth contouring, which requires no anesthesia, to smooth out rough or jagged edges, polishing your smile for a beautiful Hollywood finish. This is now the complete esthetic package.
Orthodontists are qualified Dentists who have an additional two to three years of education and specialized training in tooth movement and the guidance of facial development. Orthodontists work as a team with your Dentist to maximize your smile and improve your dental health.
The most commonly known orthodontic treatment is braces: an orthodontic appliance used to straighten teeth and correct bad bites. Braces can be prescribed for teens, adults, and children who have permanent teeth. They may be used in conjunction with other orthodontic appliances prescribed to widen the palate or jaws or to shape the teeth and jaws. The average treatment time for braces is just over two years, but treatment time varies by the individual patient.
There are two major types of braces: fixed and removable. If you are a candidate for braces, your Orthodontist will recommend the type best suited for you. We provide beautiful and healthy smiles with braces for the residents of Houston, Spring, Tomball, Energy Corridor, and Katy, TX. 

Your Invisalign treatment will consist of a series of aligners that you switch out about every two weeks. Each aligner is individually manufactured with exact calculations to gradually shift your teeth into place. And since your Invisalign system is custom-made for your teeth and your teeth only, with a plan devised by you and Dr. Watson, you know you’ll end up with a smile that truly fits.

If you’re ready for a smile that transforms your appearance, Invisalign is your answer. Although there are many choices out there, no other works as effortlessly as the Invisalign system.