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“Friendly staff and a doctor who wants the perfect smile for all his patients! We started going in 2011 for my daughter. Her braces came off in September “

~ Martha S

“I have had braces for 8 years of my life starting in the 5th grade in Massachusetts! For 7 years I went to the same orthodontist and was told that “you’ll get them off next time” so-as a junior in high school I got them off and even though I religiously wore my retainer my teeth just weren’t right. When I moved to Houston, my brother and I had to find new orthodontists and found Dr Watson! Thank goodness too because my teeth were a disaster! Now….about 8-9 months later I’ve had a pallet expander and braces on and off and my smile has never looked better!!! I feel like a new person who (having a 20th birthday next week) is a lot more confident to go places with my smiling bubbly attitude that I missed so much!
Thank you Dr Watson for my new and perfect smile!!!”

~ Nicole B

“It has been a great experience to get braces with Dr. Watson and his staff. They are very friendly and professional. It was the best decision for me to have my braces done at Watson Orthodontics. I would reccommend anyone to get their beautiful smile here.”

~ Kamolyanee M

“Dr. Watson & Staff are amazing!! Now have all four kids in either expanders, braces or retainers. Everyone is so friendly, attentive, courteous, and they all go above and beyond for their patients. We love you!!”

~ Kim D.

“My daughter and son are beginning their treatment with Dr. Watson. When we started down the road of orthodontics, we wanted to be sure to make the best decision we could. We asked others we know for recommendations. From the recommendations we got, we then made appointments for a consult for each. Of the four orthodontists that we “interviewed”, Dr. Watson was, hands down, the best fit for our family. The staff is super friendly and answered all of our questions. Dr. Watson explained the treatment for each child completely, which was something that not all of the others did. Also, they have several offices and you can go to any – which is perfect for our family that is always on-the-go. The kids just had their appliances put in, and we are on the way to even bigger smiles!
Thank you!”

~ Angela K.


“Dr. Watson and staff are very professional and full of cheer and smiles. Did an excellent job on the Invisalign and my teeth came out very nice in the end. Highly recommend Dr. Watson and staff. Very little wait to be seen each time and super efficient with appointments. Answered all my questions and gave me a clear path forward and made sure I know what to expect through the end.”

~ Drew M

“I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Watson and his team! Everyone who works there is great and attentive! They helped me get a perfect smile with Invisalign. This was my second time at braces and this experience was far better than my first time with braces at another practice. Highly recommend them!”

~ Beth W.

“I’m so glad I made the investment to go with aligners rather than metal braces. I’ve heard stories of people having food stuck in their metal braces, and I didn’t want to go through that. It’s so easy—all I have to do is remove my aligners when I eat. “

~ Christa

“I wanted my teeth straighter, but I didn’t want to be in pain. My aligners are so comfortable, compared to the metal braces I had when I was a kid, that sometimes I forget I have them on. “

~ Martin

“At first, I was skeptical about whether or not to use plastic aligners to straighten my teeth, but I am very glad I decided to make the investment. In just about nine months my teeth were straightened using the clear, comfortable and easy-to-remove aligners. I’m a busy guy and using Invisalign fit right into my lifestyle. “

~ Alex